Taking A Look Back At London Based Rapper Choze’s Single “Nothing To Lose”

A few months ago London based rapper CHOZE released this epic music video independently. “Nothing To Lose” is a song with depth accompanied by a compelling animated music video directed by Halo Jones. With his refreshing content, lyrical prowess and a razor sharp flow floating over a towering horn-heavy Hip-Hop production infused with a hint of EDM, the rapper of Italian and Ghanaian descent has released a thought-provoking song that we all need to listen to.

 “I wanted to go a bit deeper and in order to do that I had to visually create a stir that would make people come back to the record again and again with a narrative to embed these feelings to all listeners that we literally have “nothing to lose”. We need to voice our opinion or they will be no change. Personally I know I’ve touched a few nerves on this record but I believe from the feedback that I’ve received from the supporters that I never hold back and I will continue to follow this way of thinking until The day I die. But for now…… I hope you absorb the words I have written for every person that believes in change, that breathes change and will be motivated to bring  CHANGE”. — CHOZE states.

Stream the single here.

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