Mysterious Act Choker Is Back With Sophomore Project “Honeybloom”


Choker first hit the scene last year, with his unexpected debut tape Peak. Proving to be an instant underground hit, the artist went back into hibernation giving no hints as to when he’d resurface. Now, 12  months later, the alternative singer returns with his second instalment Honeybloom.

The set is home to unconventional soundscapes that play with various instrumentals and genres (although foundationally speaking, rooting in Pop). Choker quickly proves that he isn’t a one-trick Pony and successfully pushes boundaries in music. From a production standpoint, the artist is reminiscent of Childish Gambino, Prince and Frank Ocean in places. If Choker continues to impress, he’ll have his breakout moment within the next few years.

Catch the addictive set above.


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