IMAN Gets Personal On Summer Anthem “Get The Feeling”

London based-artist IMAN has already been making her mark as a songwriter, penning songs for major international acts, some of which have went on to achieve multi-platinum status. Her latest single “Get The Feeling” (a tribute to a mentor and a friend) takes influence from 90’s club music, R&B and pop music effortlessly.

“I wrote ‘Get The Feeling’ about a special person that got me to finally recognise my talent. She  was a teacher at my music college and at the time I had very little belief in myself. One time in a  lesson she randomly got me to stand up and basically went on to let everyone know how much she rated my songwriting and voice. That moment stuck with me as up until then I thought I was pretty wack, getting anyone to work with me was like getting blood from a stone and it was affecting my confidence. She was someone passionate and genuine and I looked up to her.  When she did that I knew she meant it and that was the turning point for me. I decided I was going to start believing in myself. That same year she passed away and of course I still remember her and the impact she made on me.” — IMAN says.

Listen to the single above.

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