A Year Later: ALI3NHEAD

On 2nd September 2017 GRM Daily uploaded ALI3NHEAD’s “Please” music video on their YouTube channel. Stats wise; there’s a disproportionate amount of “dislikes” on the video compared to other videos released on the platform. As you scroll down and read the amount of negative comments, it’s evident that a majority of GRM Daily fans who had watched the video weren’t ready to hear something different to what they’re often exposed to.

“This is the worst song I’ve ever heard”

“This what happens when you listen to that new Travis”

“My ears bleed”

“I hardly ever dislike videos but WTF is this???”

You just read some of the unpleasantly memorable comments left on the video. However, there were positive comments too and those viewers noticed ALI3NHEAD’s originality on a platform known for Grime, Rap, Drill and Afroswing music. The music video was not bad at all, it was just something fans on that platform weren’t accustomed to.

We live in an era where consumers tend to read reviews or comments before they make a decision on whether to purchase a product or not. This happens with almost everything from movies to music, online shopping, holiday destinations and more. Then there’s the minority who take risks and go against what’s considered “normal”, and they often end up enjoying whatever movie that was critically panned or music that was given a bad review more.

ALI3NHEAD is an innovative artist with a unique voice and a strong work ethic. Is he talented? Of course, he’s one of the most talented and exciting artists in the UK. Despite accumulating over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud and a rapidly growing fan base, he’s still unknown to many people over here.

Most artists would be affected by negative comments, but ALI3NHEAD has kept his head down, worked on his craft and released over a dozen of great singles so far this year. A year and a day after his music video release on GRM Daily, ALI3NHEAD will be headlining our next edition of DiscoverNü Live featuring BVD LVD, Rare Akuma, Henshaw and Rezerxkt at the world renowned Camden Assembly. What a way to silence your critics.

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